Beauty loves the geek?

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Some say he brought back the “sex symbol” tag to the current generation of actors. The long-haired look was a trademark he started, that even Amitabh Bachchan had a go at imitating. Yet ask the gorgeous diva that has been with him since 2002 and she says she loves his geeky look more. Yes, it’s John Abraham we are talking about and his lovely leading lady in real life, Bipasha Basu.

While a world of women have swooned over the Aashayein actor ever since his debut in Jism, Bipasha is completely bowled over by his current look for Jhootha Hi Sahi. “People know him as a stud, in this film he looks like an adorable simpleton!” she tweeted shortly after seeing the first promo for the film. She also felt that this film is the first film that doesn’t use his stud status as a marketing tool. “When Bipasha saw my look in the film, she said that if there is any director who has managed to break me down physically and in terms of a character on screen, it’s Abbas [Tyrewala, director]” said John during a Mumbai bookstore promotion for Jhootha Hi Sahi.

So while there may not be any short-shorts shots like that of Dostana, John who plays a liar in love in Jhootha Hi Sahi, is all set to show how he fibs his way into the heart of his leading lady on screen and Abbas’ wife, Pakhi Tyrewala on 22nd October but will mostly likely sneak into ours as well.

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