Behind the Scenes Ad shoot and Kabir Khan and Shah Rukh share a teaser about Tubelight

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As we all know Shah Rukh Khan makes a special appearance in Kabir Khan’s Tubelight starring Salman Khan.

However, this is not the first time Shah Rukh and Kabir have worked together. Years ago, as students of a drama school, it was SRK who first directed Kabir in a play.

Both Delhi boys, SRK and Kabir dabbled in plays and theatre and SRK being a senior often lent his notes to the now prolific director.

Against the backdrop of a television commercial, the duo came together again, with Kabir at the helm, and we have a behind the scenes look as we hear from both Shah Rukh Khan and Kabir Khan!

Also be sure to listen to the little tidbit that Kabir reveals about his appearance in Tubelight!

And there are some serious smouldery shots of the actor in his photo shoot with Daboo Ratnani, here’s just a sample!

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