“Being a working girl has its advantages & disadvantages” – Rani Mukerji

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The actress has indeed seen the ups and downs of life, be it in the professional arena or her personal life. The latest of these ups and downs was when her father collapsed due to kidney problems last week and was rushed to Jaslok Hospital for treatment.

Speaking at last to the media about the matter, Rani disclosed to Mumbai Mirror that her father has suffered from two heart attacks in the past and last week’s ordeal was particularly scary for the whole family as they automatically assumed it was another heart attack. However, both fortunately and unfortunately, the collapse was due to his kidneys which wasn’t completely good news but it had its pros.

To worsen the matters, wrong medications were dispensed to Ram Mukerji upon his arrival, however the actress cleared up the matter and said that it was not necessarily someone’s fault and all turned out well as the error was detected in a timely manner.

Support came to the family in all sizes and shapes. The actress said that close friends like Sanjay Bhansali and Karan Johar were very supportive and kept tabs on what was happening whilst her father’s colleagues went all out to stand by them throughout the events of last week.

In reference to her professional life and how she handled it with the current problems, Rani said that her father’s teachings have always been to never let anything come in between you and your work. Hence despite drawn between to options when her father fell ill last week, the actress followed her father’s words and rushed off to the last day’s shoot for Yash Raj’s Haddipa with Shahid Kapoor.

Now that the shoot has wrapped up, the actress is clearing her calendar and dedicating predominant time for her dad. Furthermore, the actresses added, “Being a working girl has its advantages and disadvantages. While I can provide him with the best possible medical facilities, I can’t give my father the amount of time I want to.”

She’s indeed one of the most empowered women of the industry, and the grace and professionalism that reflects in how she deals with her personal and professional life is without a doubt a trait that has always set her apart. We wish Mr Mukerji a very speedy recovery!

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