Being Human at HDIL Couture Week 2010

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You may notice the lack of a Hot or Not piece for Day 3 and that’s solely because most of B-town celebs decided to take a break on Day 3 of HDIL Couture Week 2010. We can only assume they were all busy gearing up for Day 4 which was of course all about Salman Khan!

The show was a Being Human extravaganza organised by the Dabangg Superstar! He fearlessly put together a show travelling the centuries and exploring fashion of each. Salman’s leading ladies were his weapons of choice which proved to be lethal on stage.

Manish Malhotra endorsed the cause with his designs and Mona Mehta did too with her jewellery. Dance routines, plastic whistles and live music were the highlight of the evening along with the ladies ladies and offcourse Rockstar Khan himself!

In the spirit of the show we’re keeping this piece strictly positive! No critique but pure appreciation for the amazing celebs who endorsed such a worthy cause!

Preity Zinta brought in the 20s with an all black dress fit for the races!

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