Besides films I do have a life – Anushka Sharma

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The actress seems to have gone ‘poof’ in mid air after she swept the audiences off their feet with her charming and immaculate portrayal of Tani in Aditya Chopra’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. So where has she been all this time? Is it the much-feared three-film-Yash-Raj contract that binds her to silence and only YRF projects?

Well Anushka divulges all in an exclusive statement to Mumbai Mirror. The actress clarified the news of her signing only YRF film projects by saying that she’s a professional in the field she belongs to and has been working since the age of 16 hence how contracts function is a known fact to her. She adds that the Yash Raj contract does not bind her to just YRF ventures and that she doesn’t believe someone in today’s day and age would offer such a contract.

As for the reason for her disappearance, well it seems makers are as amazed by her talent as we the audiences are since the actress’s schedule has been tightly packed with script readings. In addition to that just because of her shot to fame Anushka hasn’t adopted the slogan of ‘all work and no play’. In fact, the actress is focusing on ‘play’ more than films as she takes on the challenge to learn the game of squash even if her brother Karnesh refuses to play with her! “Besides films, I have a life. I have a family to visit, books to read and experiences to gain,” the actress explained when anxiously questioned about her priorities and her disappearance.

So what about films? You’ll be delighted to know that she didn’t avoid that question either and revealed that she’s on the verge of finalising a few projects, both within and outside the Yash Raj camp!

Well there you go Anushka fans. We know you’ve been waiting with bated breaths on news about her whereabouts!

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