Best Actors of 2010

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“And the Best Actor award goes to…?” This is the sentence that everyone holds their breathe for at the end of every award function. It’s the award that is remembered through out the new year. The title is competed for by every other actor who didn’t attain the position and the winner desperately tries to maintain the top slot in the coming months. Such is the Best Actor position’s magic! So, without further delay here’s Bollyspice’s countdown of the 10 actors who rocked in a big way in 2010!

10. Vivek Oberoi – Rakht Charitra
2010 was quite the year for the young Oberoi. A box office success, a highly critically acclaimed film that created history by being released in two parts and a wedding. Vivek Oberoi seems to be quite the all rounder this year. Despite the controversies that never leave the actor, he shocked all with Rakht Charitra and even made the haters turn around and notice his talent. One hopes the actor continues in this direction to rebuild the image that he once so foolishly lost in the industry and amongst the audiences. Let’s hope the marriage and Rakht Charitrais the start of all things great for Vivek Oberoi because it is simply painfully seeing such talent go to waste. Here’s to wishing him a rollicking 2011 and a position much higher than no #10 in next year’s countdown!

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