Best of Luck Next Time Sonam!

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It was not too long ago that we reported the much anticipated project-in-the making by Dibakar Banerjee starring Katrina Kaif, Imran Khan and Abhay Deol. However, prior to Katrina being finalized, the film was being considered to be given to none other than Sonam Kapoor.

The actress who’s in the news for every possible reason under the sun these days missed out on a project that both her and her father were quite keen for her to be a part of.

This film was none other than Dibakar Banerjee’s (Khosla Ka Ghosla, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye) upcoming project touted as a love story also starring Imran Khan and Abhay Deol.

Word was that Sonam was very keen to work with Dibakar and Anil Kapoor too was very thrilled at the idea of his daughter working with him. So much so that he invited Dibakar homes to showcase a few reels saved for an international project.

However Katrina was quick to get her foot into the project as she contacted Dibakar expressing her interest in any projects he may have in the future. To her luck and Sonam’s dismay the Abhay-Imran film demanded a lady with a Western accent. Katrina has been dubbed in several projects for this very accent which is now working as her biggest asset. Luckily, Dibakar couldn’t find anyone better to fit into the shoes of his leading lady.

Well looks like one to Katrina and none to Sonam. However, there are plenty of fish in the sea, Sonam, and we’re sure you’ll be in luck next time around!

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