Bhavana Pani Steps Forward

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Actor-dancer Bhavana Pani is hoping that her new film Fast Forward will be a great success. What’s the film about? “It’s a musical film that revolves around a bunch of dancers,” she says, “In the film there are dance troupes battling in underground dance matches in a typical boxing ring. I am playing a girl who joins the band with her brother and falls in love with his best friend. Though she is immensely passionate about dancing, but due to some reason she cannot dance. Rather, she is not allowed to dance.” Fast Forward stars Vinod Khanna, Adhyayan Suman and fast-rising Sheena Shahabadi.

Bhavana travels extensively to dance and recently in Paris she met up with pop icon Lady Gaga. “During the curtain call, when the house lights were on, I noticed Lady Gaga,” she explains, “When I was getting back to my make-up room, I saw a huge crowd at the foyer. Then I came to know that Lady Gaga was coming my way. Lady Gaga hugged me and said she appreciated my performance. Then we posed for photographs.”

Bhavana continues to perform her dance show Bhariti to international audiences. What can she tell us about it? “Bhariti is an international project of dance and music,” she says, “It revolves around the story of a girl who lives beside the banks of Ganges and her lover boy. We keep manipulating the script but keeping the basic story the same. Each of Bhariti’s show tries to portray the social conflict where the girl represents India, the rich culture and India’s rich and breath-taking diversity.”

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