Bhumi Pednekar on Award categories: “An artiste should be known for the kind of work that one does and not seen from the lens of gender.“

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Bhumi Pednekar is the first leading actress in India to envision award ceremonies to have categories based on performances, not gender. So no best actor or actress in separate nominations, just best lead performance categories.

Bhumi says, “An artiste should be known for the kind of work that one does and not seen from the lens of gender.”

Recently, the Berlin Film Festival has awarded its first-ever gender-neutral acting prize to Maren Eggert. The new award means both male and female actors now compete in the same category. The Gotham Awards announced that their best-actor and best-actress prizes are being combined into a single lead-performance category, starting with this year’s November ceremony. Also, the Emmys earlier announced that any acting trophy can replace “actor” or “actress” with the neutral term of “performer,” even as they maintain gender-separated competition. The Venice Film Festival is also following the Berlin festival to award gender-neutral prizes.

Bhumi explans, “Over the course of last year, it was hugely encouraging to see award functions do away with gendered awards. Even from our context, if strong enough roles continue to be written for women and other genders, we can eventually reach a space where we have gender-neutral awards.”

She feels calling all actors as performers is a step forward in the right direction. “I see each one of us as artists who can do their bit to achieve parity.”

“We all know that we live in a non-binary world, and I feel such steps will only promote inclusivity. It will be a welcoming step towards embracing all genders. It is high time that we break these walls and celebrate raw, real talent without the filter of the gender,” the artiste says in closing.

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