Big B joins the Twitterverse!

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Many know that Abhishek Bachchan(@juniorbachchan) is a big fan of Twitter and regularly makes fans smile with his tweets. He certainly had an exciting one today, “Ladies and gentlemen. HE IS HERE!!! BigB in da house!!!! @srbachchan welcome Pa. Show him the love tweeps!!!”

Yes, The Amitabh Bachchan has joined the twitter universe. The esteemed actor has only been on the networking site about 9 hours and his number of followers has already reached over 17,000!

His first tweet was to Abhishek and said, “hey baby !! I made it on twitter !!! Yeeaaaaaahhhh !! … sorry.. just got carried away .. safe onward flight and love.”

His first tweet to fans, “Hello !! Twitterati … you beautiful people ! cannot express the excitement ! Shanouk my Pirahna Dane thinks he is about to get an icecream.”

He also tweeted about his display picture, “Someone said my home page picture was compressed. Tried straightening it – all i could manage was straighten my bow tie !! Inputs ??”

Certainly seems like father like son – that the two will entertain us on twitter as well as at the cineplex!

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