Big B to Star in Malayalam film

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Amitabh Bachchan will soon be starring in a Malayalam film, Kandahar. The story is based on the hijacking of an Indian Airlines flight in 1999 by five Pakistani militants. The flight was on its way from Kathmandu to New Delhi on Christmas Eve and the aircraft was forced to land in three different airports – Amritsar, Lahore and Dubai. With 186 passengers on board, the aircraft spent a week on the tarmac in Kandahar.

Mr Bachchan will play the role of the father of a passenger on the hijacked plane, while veteran actor, Mohanlal will play a commando.

Speaking to reporters about the upcoming project, director, Major Ravi, a former NSG commando who previously directed two films also featuring Mohanlal, said that he has been trying to imagine how the two greats (Bachchan and Mohanlal) would be in a single frame. “It is a great feeling when I think of that,” he says.

He has previously directed Keerthichakara and Kuruskshetra, both featuring Mohanlal, and Mission 90 Days, with Mammooty which was a story based on how Ravi tracked down the killers of former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi.

The film will be shot in Delhi, Kerala and Nepal.

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