Bipasha: “Acting came to me just by chance”

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Biphasa Basu, one of Bollywood’s most beautiful divas has revealed that acting in films was never her life long goal. In an interview with IANS, she said, “I never wanted to become an actress. I was happily doing my modeling, but then I got bored of it. Acting came to me just by chance. But yes, I’m thoroughly enjoying it now and don’t think I will get bored of it, but still if I do, I’ll find something else to do.”

The sultry actress who has been seen in over 33 movies and was lauded for her performances in Omkara, Raaz and Corporate is now looking to do only one or two films a year.

“Now that I have achieved something in Bollywood, I really don’t want to work everyday of my life. Frankly speaking, I don’t need to work for money or fame. I have made my bit. Whatever assignments I take up now will only be for myself. It should satisfy me,” she said

Adding, “There are many films that our industry is making, but very few interesting. If you look at the cream of Bollywood, they just do one or two films a year, and I feel that is the best thing to do because then you produce quality.”

For now, the actress has several films in the pipeline including Goal, Race, Paankh and Mr. Fraud.

And if she does get bored, Bipasha says she will move onto other aspects of the film industry, “Either I will take up writing or assist someone, but as of now I’m in love with our industry. It is a fantasy world.”

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