Bipasha and Ameesha share the same outfit!

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The IIFA awards took place at the weekend and along with the prestigious awards ceremony a fashion disaster also occurred on the green carpet.

Bipasha Basu and Ameesha Patel walked the green carpet wearing the same outfit but in different colours! Both Bipasha and Ameesha turned up in a Ramona Narang outfit; Bipasha opted for a nude shade whilst Ameesha wore yellow.

Bipasha Basu found the situation amusing; she took to Twitter to share her amusement, tweeting “Also last night a fellow actress landed up wearing the same dress in a diff color as me on d green carpet! It ws quite amusing even for me:)”

The Bollywood actress also shared that the reason behind the situation was due to lack of planning, she tweeted, “So next time I’ll plan my green carpet outfit in advance n nt pull out things frm my cupboard last min!:)

Ameesha Patel also shared her thoughts on the ordeal tweeting to fans, “Anyway I think bips n I both have good taste n looked good. So its ok. No one did anything purposely.”

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