Bipasha and John: Nearly Done?

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It seems that the love life of Bipasha Basu and John Abraham has a hit a slippery path. Rumor has it that the eight-year-old couple have found themselves in eye of a storm. While this is not the first time that couple have speculated to have split up, this time trouble seems to be brewing between the two especially since they haven’t been seen together in a long time.

Bipasha hasn’t been seen at all lately as she is focusing on work and maintaining an apparent “low profile”. John, on the other hand, has been busy endorsing his brands and shooting. A source close to the couple claims that the couple have hit a boring patch in their relationship and are showing signs of disinterest in one another.

When Bips was seen at Hrithik Roshan’s birthday party alone, eyes went a fluttering. Apparently Basu tried hard to convince Abraham to come but he chose to stay away. While Bipasha claims this is untrue and the couple are simply busy with their respective work, an insider claims that the couple have been busy in the past too but have always insisted on making time for one another.

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