Bipasha Earns Handsome Sum for New Years

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Bipasha Basu is keeping mum about what she will rake in for her 15 minute performance at a five-star hotel in Mumbai on New Years eve. Unofficial sources say that it’s a nearly 2 crores! For a similar project last year, she earned about 80 lakh, but because of her increased popularity this year, she decided to accept this year’s offer which was double the price.

“All I will say it’s great money and they have offered me the same deal that I got two years ago with another hotel. And it’s been two years, so the rates would have gone up. Naturally the amount has to be very big or I wouldn’t be doing it,” said Bipasha when asked about the remuneration. She adds, “”I might even do some songs from the ’70s.”

The actress will host her own private party at the same hotel. Guests will include her beau John Abrahams and his family. Unfortunately, her own family won’t be in the city to see her perform. “My older sister Bidisha is going to Bangkok while our parents will be in Kolkata with my younger sister Bijoyeta who is flying down from London, where she is studying.”

Speaking about her outfits for her performances, designer Rocky S says, “Both Bipasha’s outfits are shiny, elaborate and very expensive as befitting a New Year show. My favourite colour for Bipasha is red so one number is a very 40s style, vintage dress in red on red above the knee, fully tasseled in silk and clustered in red Swarovski crystals. The second dress is made of georgette, is in onion pink and completely covered in diamonds. It’s a very short dress with tassels at the hem. Both the dresses are very sexy.”

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