Bipasha: ‘I am very proud of my role in Singularity.’

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Bengali bombshell, Bipasha Basu has spoken out about her role in her first English language film Singularity, which stars she stars opposite Josh Hartnett.

About her role in the film, Bipasha states, “I am very proud of my role in Singularity. It pushed me into the territory of period romance. It was a very emotional ad challenging role. We are dubbing the film now and it is going to get released soon. It is a very big project but went through a bit of financial crisis.”

What were Bipasha’s thoughts on other members of the crew, such as the director? “Roland (Joffé) is an amazing director and he thought I was fabulous as an actor. It was different. I had no baggage while doing the film so I adopted very well and learnt like a new student.

What did the director think of Bipasha? “Roland was very fond of me because I was pretty agile.”

The film is slated for a 2012 release, but as of yet no confirmation is given on the date. Let’s hope Singularity does well, for Bipasha and Bollywood!

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