Bipasha not allowed to dub for her Bengali film!

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Bipasha Basu is absolutely livid that the producers of Rituparno Ghosh’s Bengali filmShob Charitro Kalponik have allegedly refused to let her dub for the film. In fact, Basu says she was waiting until the right time in her career to do a Bengali film and insists on dubbing for her character herself.

“When I first came to know that I wouldn’t be dubbing my own voice I was furious. I’ve gone through this process of having my voice dubbed by someone else. No way will I allow this to happen to this film!” she fumes to Mumbai Mirror.

She claims that the producers have told her she can only dub for the print that will be submitted for a National Award simply because the National Award does not consider any performances that are not dubbed by the original artist.

In response, Bipasha says, “I don’t want some alien voice to speak for me. I don’t care if I get awards or not. Why should I dub only for the National award? My audiences know me well enough by now, they can’t be conned by another voice.” A valid point!

However, interestingly enough, the producers have denied this completely and said that allowing Bipasha to dub would only boost the value of the film. Director Rituparno Ghosh has a history of dubbing his heroines, but Bipasha still claims this issue is not his fault.

For Bipasha’s sake, we all hope that all the prints of the film will bear her voice and only her voice.

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