Bipasha says, “Stars are only remembered when they die”!

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It may be sad and only partially true, but bold Bengali beauty, Bipasha Basu has recently stated that “Superstars are only remembered when they die”! Such a bold statement, coming from the otherwise happy-go-lucky Bips, I hear you ask? Well the actress further goes on to elaborate stating that, “an actor’s life is very sad. The biggest of superstars in our country fade away after some time and are remembered only when they die. But what to do? It is very vulnerable, very sad, but that is the way it is. Nothing is permanent in their life.”

What about all that is written about stars, surely that affects even Bipasha Basu? “It is quite harsh at times to expect an actor to be okay with whatever is written about him or her. Actors and not super humans, they are normal people. People are always interested to know what you are doing in your personal space. It makes great news for people to discuss over a meal. But they forget we are also humans, who have a personal life, struggles and we too go through good and bad times.”

And the fame game? What happens once an actor has gained success? “Once you achieve success, you just want to work; you don’t want to be forgotten. It is an emotion that every actor worldwide, male or female, goes through. Acting is a very enigmatic line. Being a celebrity people always want to know about your personal life – what you are? What you eat? How you live? Where you go? Who are you dating? How you breathe?”

Bipasha also thinks that an actors’ life makes for good viewing stating, “It is an interesting profession to make a film on – either the actor’s life or an actress’. In today’s time everybody wants to be an actor. It is a fascinating profession and people want to know about behind the scenes. And that is the reason there have been so many movies made on the same topic, these are all fictional and little drawn from reality. Such films are basically different types of storytelling of different directors, which make for very interesting stories.”

So what kind of film does the Singularity actress (who previously only did romantic and thrillers) want to do?  She states, “I am dying to do a comedy. I am a funny girl and blessed with a mad sense of humour. I think I can pull off comedy nicely. I don’t like slapstick comedy but, yes, situational comedy works for me”. Well, we hope Bipasha the best of luck in all her future ventures and hope that unlike some stars of yesteryears, is definitely not forgotten!


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