Bipasha’s Secret Boob Job

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Real or plastic? A well known cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, Dr Ashok Gupta, claims Bipasha visited him 4 years back to give her assets a little ‘lift’. Now this may come as a shock to some but not to many, as you only have to see her pictures before 2002 and after to see the huge difference!

As a code of practice for many high profile patients, a fake name is used, and Bipasha was no different, registering under the name ‘Susan Noodhah,’ She was accompanied by a friend and stayed at the clinic for 2 days. Now this is all well and good but there is one minor problem. She didn’t pay her 2.5 lakh fee! Dr Gupta has made several attempts to contact her and even John but to no avail. And that’s not all, reportedly this is not the first job she had done; she has also had surgery on her ears!

Although this may sound true, there are a few doubts, why wait 4 years to reveal all this? And could it not be possible that she is simply wearing a push up bra?

Whatever may be the truth, we still love this sultry actress…you keep doing your thing Bips!

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