Birthday Special: Bollyspice and Our Favourite Shaan Songs!

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It is Shaan’s birthday! While we put up an exclusive interview with the singing sensation on his Jhalak journey, we couldn’t help but think about that one song which made some part of our day, year or life memorable. Shaan’s voice undoubtedly casts a different spell, making each song lovelier than the last one. Son of late music director Manas Mukherjee, Shaan’s career kick started with the hit album Naujawaan, and then there was no looking back for him. R.D Burman’s remix album ‘Roop Tera Mastaana’ followed by his albums Tanhaa Dil and Aksar, Shaan made his place in the hearts of many. Bollyspice has put together a collection of our favourite Shaan songs that make our dil go ‘mmm’!


Shaan gives this romantic number the precise tone and energy it needs through his voice. It is undoubtedly one of the defining songs of Shaan’s career and this is evident in the fact that he won the Filmfare Best Playback Singer (Male) award that year, along with Kailash Kher, who offered supporting vocals to it.


BEHTI HAWA SA THA WOH ( 3 Idiots, 2009)

This song has a different way of inspiring oneself to dream bigger, and Shaan’s voice is the reason why the song is such a delight to hear anytime and anywhere.


YEH HAWAYEIN ZULFON MEIN TERI (Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai, 2001)

This track is one of Shaan’s very early playback songs and reminds you of where that soft and innocent romantic voice started out; before he went on to sing some the many classics we now know


TANHA DIL (Album Tanha Dil, 2002)

This song is our pick simply because he is so smooth and his enthusiasm in this song is just so infectious and delightful!


WOH PEHLI BAAR (Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi, 1999)

Shaan’s voice is the love that this song is all about. It perfectly describes that first flutter of falling in love, or reminds you of love. His voice is what defines love.


KUCH KUM (Dostana, 2008)

Kuch Kum has this soothing melody and Shaan’s calm voice makes this track simply beautiful and romantic. It makes being in love so special!


PAIGHAAM (Lakeer, 2004)

A.R.Rahman has a special way with melody and Shaan. Paighaam from Lakeer just sits so lovely like the breeze in the song with Kavitha Krishnamurthy to give ample support. One of the few gems that hides in his discography.


JAB SE TERE NAINA (Saawariya, 2007)

This is like one unanimously voted song! Shaan has the perfect blend of playfulness and gorgeous tones for this fab song. Whenever I think of the music of Saawariya I think of Jab Se Tere Naina first! And of course we have to mention Ranbir and that towel!


DAASTAN-E- OM SHAANTI OM (Om Shaanti Om, 2007)

Shaan shows the power of his voice and the incredible feeling he puts in every note in this song. One of our all-time favorite Shaan performances!


MAIN AISA KYUN HOON (Lakshya, 2004)

This song is another Shaan standout! Add in the amazing dancing by star Hrithik Roshan and you have a song that will always be remembered!


Bollyspice wishes Shaan a very happy birthday with lots of good luck and love!

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