Blog: Top 5 Most Tear Jerking Scenes of Recent Times

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We have seen Bollywood movies and we know the different genres they have. Drama, comedy, musical and all. There is only one thing that gets an audience in the movie theatre to start sniffing, and that is… Tear Jerking scenes. Meaning, sad scenes. What makes a sad scene? It can be a child losing his parents when he was young, an old man dying and many more others. Now, you see, I’m a very difficult person when it comes to crying. To me, most sad scenes always involve a person dying from a complicated disease and stuff like that. And this is my list of the Top 5 most tear jerking scenes.

Number 5: The whole ending scene in Umrao Jaan.

Ah, you were kidnapped when you were young and were sold off to a brothel. You were taken good care of there and fell in love with a Prince. You almost got raped by a thief and the Prince rejected you. Then you got raped by a man whom you considered as your own brother and the brothel was burnt down. You then thought of going back to your parents’ house since its better that way. But how do you explain it to your family when you get home? All they care about is that you were a courtesan, and they are disgusted by you. You only feel more hurt by that. Hurt by the world, your family and hurt for being who you were and what you are now. That scene makes me cry. Just a little actually. The feeling of hurt was there when I saw the scene. I could imagine myself trying to tell my own family why I have become who I am but all they seem to do is ignore me and eventually throw me out of the house. And then as if that wasn’t enough, I get teased by the people in the hall while I try to concentrate on dancing but even that is ruined. The whole song in which she sang about her life, flashbacks about her olden days, brought sadness to me. Ending up a spinster was even worse.

Number 4: Krrish – Daadi fight.

“I am not allowed to go anywhere at all. All I do is stay here and look at your face. Is that what you want??” I don’t know why but this scene always makes me cry. Some of you have probably experience the same thing before. Your parents or your grandparents won’t allow you to go anywhere and this totally annoys you, so you end up crying and screaming at them. That happens to me sometimes. Not the crying, screaming part but the part where Krishna said that he couldn’t go anywhere and this makes him feel cooped up. It’s the same for me. I couldn’t go anywhere with my friends, couldn’t have any relationships with anyone outside my home, and I always needed permission from my parents. So when I first saw that scene, I said to myself “Hey, that happened to me too.” Unfortunately, I went to watch the movie with my mum, so she turned to me and said, “Don’t you dare say anything. I’ll smack you if you do.” So I kept quiet after that. Even so, that scene always makes me cry.

Number 3: “I wish I was in your shoes.” Scene in Kal Ho Naa Ho.

Okay, those who cried during that scene, hands up. One…two.. ah forget it. I know you all did. You remember that part? Where SRK ran all the way to find Saif first after being in hospital. That scene was totally crap. Anyways, that’s not the scene I am talking about. It’s the scene that is AFTER the crap scene. SRK explained to Saif why he won’t let Preity near him and Saif retorted “If you were in my shoes, what would you have done?!” SRK answered “I wish… I wish I was in your shoes” and left. Goodness that scene always gets to me. He did imagine being in Saif’s shoes and that’s what’s really depressing. A dying man’s wish that you could never grant.

Number 2: The Speech scene in Black.

Basically for some, this movie instills confidence and pride, showing the world how a blind girl could overcome obstacles around her with much suffering and all. However, it’s the speech she gave during the ending with her mom translating it for her that made me all teary eyed. Her story about how she overcame all the obstacles, how she felt about it, and what she did… truly amazing. My heart just swells with pride and my eyes start tearing up. The part where she explained about her teacher and ends up going “Theee!!” totally did it for me. I went “awwww!!” and tears kept flowing and flowing. It really is a great scene.

Number 1: And my Number 1 most sad scene is…. The Death of Ishwar in Waqt.

Goodness, have you seen the movie? Its quite a good choice for those who wish to sit back on the couch with drinks on the table and no one to disturb you for the night type of movie. The movie Waqt, which was directed by Vipul Shah, has all the comedy and drama that a family needs. The timing given certainly had paid off well. Waqt is about a man suffering from cancer and he has only a few months to live. His son is a spoil brat who wishes to be a famous actor, to have recognition around the world. Before he dies, he wishes to see that his son becomes independent before starting his own family. But what happens if the son already has a wife and she is pregnant? What happens if the man only has a few months to live? Time is not on his side, but it’s the race against time. However, we are not talking about the movie, my dears. We are talking about the ending scene. If you wish to know more about the movie, I suggest you go watch it then.

What about the ending scene eh? Well, you see, it’s the part where the man, Ishwar, finally reaches his end. And during that ending, his son finally has his own recognition and independence. Also during the ending, the son finds out about his fathers’ illness and that he is dying from cancer. The son, Adi, begs to the public on national television to give just one… just one minute to his dad, so that his dad can see and hold his grandchild before he goes. At last, father and son hug in front of the public – the father being proud of what his son has become. Alas, the inevitable arrives and the father collapses in the brink of death, while Adi’s wife collapses in pain of giving birth.

The ending shows us that Ishwar manages to stay on until his grandchild is born to the world. Both father and son have a lovely talk, laughing and chatting about the future. There is a part during that scene that always makes me cry. It’s the scene when the servant asks Ishwar, “When are you coming back?” and that scene always stays in my mind. When the father is asked to christen the child with a name, he says “Ishwar is the name…” and breathes out his final breath.

Well that’s all I can say. Maybe you might have your own tear jerking scene which I might have missed, but everybody has their own opinions. So there you have it – my five favorite tear jerking scenes in Bollywood cinema.

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