Blogs! Blogs! Blogs?

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Such a strange word. It’s not even in the dictionary. But I don’t give it long before it is. I am getting a head of myself here. Most people wonder what is a blog exactly…Well according to Encarta it’s a weblog. So we know why the word exists. Helpful? I think not. The whole blog thing is still bit of a mystery?

Well I have one. And BlogSpot phrases it beautifully…Sharing your thoughts with others. I define it as ‘Rant, bitch, whine and not get sued’.

So the blog, as established, is a place where you write your thoughts and share it with the world. I guess it’s a way of expressing yourself without getting in the bad books of the people you know unless the people you know access your blog, then you’re kind of messed but whatever.

So, what are the procedures? Well you find a blog hosting site (some of which I will list with this article), hook up and register. And begin.

Of course that’s not the only thing you can do with a blog site. Many of these sites allow you to personalise and if you have an iota of creative genius in you, you will be able to design the sites using CSS or HTML. Whichever one rocks your boat. Some of those sites are Goddamn amazing. My friend has one. Makes me drool with envy every time.

The best thing about blogging is that it can be done anonymously. You can use it to be your portfolio for write and sharing your experiences without having people recognised. You can see other people’s comments and you can find other people who are similar to you in tastes and behaviour, so you can find a kindred soul in a world full of lost and irritating people.

There are couple of blog hosting sites that I have personal experience with and that I would recommend (and *ahem* this is in order of preference); BlogSpot, LiveJournal, MySpace, Bebo and Xanga. Although the latter three are more like communities combined with blog spaces. I love Blogspot solely because of the privacy and the control you get to exercise over your site although LiverJournal can be manipulated in the same fashion, but I feel that it is a little too much like hard work for my liking!

And it would seem celebrities are into blogging as well. Rahul Khanna is a blogger and quite an entertaining one. Rahul Bose and Nandita Das also have blogs. So if you go surfing for blogs be sure to search these guys out. They are not just pretty faces!

So that is all I can say about blogs, the blogging itself…is your choice!

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