Bollywood and Sania-Shoaib

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quite the headlines in the country. There was the impending marriage of hubby Shoaib Malik to his first wife Ayesha followed by a bunch of secrets that came pouring out of the Malik camp causing mayhem all over. However amidst the chaos, Sania and Shoaib managed to plan and execute their wedding. We can’t help but wonder lekin, what did our super-filmy folk think about all the attention the couple seemed to be hogging. Take a look.

Deepika Padukone: “Instead of discussing sports, people, marriages, I wish Saina Nehwal reaching top 5 ranking worldwide got as much mileage.”

Hrithik Roshan: “News should be about reporting news. That’s it! It has to be without opinions, background music and drama. It’s laughable.”

Dia Mirza: “I understand the concern for Sania’s welfare but let’s remember that all parents know what’s best. As a nation let’s respect their decision. Their love, support and dedication helped Sania achieve her dreams. Let’s not forget that. I am appalled at the media!”

R. Madhavan: “I feel so sorry for Sania. This is meant to be such a joyous occasion. Hope all turns out well for her.”

Kunal Kapoor: “Should Sania marry Shoaib? A country full of bored and annoyed television viewers, who just want this stupidity to STOP! It feels like you are going to the movies! And movies from the eighties! Action, emotion, romance, drama…”

Arbaaz Khan: “I wish Sania and Shoaib a blissful married life. Hope their happiness not be marred by stupid controversy created by jealous people.”

Kunal Kohli: “Sania, Shoaib aur woh! as headlines every day. There’s nothing more important happening in India-Pak or what? Give us a break!”

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