Bollywood at Ealing – it’s no laughing matter!

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Ealing, in North London is famous for its dozens of comedy films in the 1950s, mostly starring Alec Guinness, which helped to define the eccentric English sense of humour. But now a new movie tradition is about to start in this suburb with the launch in September 2008 of the UK’s first Bollywood Acting School. The school is linked to Anupam Kher’s famous Actor Prepares Studio in Mumbai. Students will sign up for courses run and administered by Bollywood actors and technicians. It was whilst Anupam was working on the universally acclaimed Anglo-Indian movie, “Bend it like Beckham” that Anupam says he recognised the enormous potential for closer links between the Anglo and Indian film industries.

He hopes to extend the idea by opening schools in Durban and Sydney. Key partner in the scheme is Heathrow City Partnership whose Chief Executive, Ash Verma said, “I am determined to tap into the local British Asian population’s love affair with Bollywood and use this as a catalyst to create new skills, jobs and business opportunities. In a globalised world where countries are becoming more interconnected, it makes perfect sense for the UK and India to use their shared passion for cinema to create something special to enrich both our nations.”

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