Bollywood Chick Flicks

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As much as Sonam Kapoor wants to scream, shout and howl that Aisha is Bollywood’s first Chick Flick, all we have to say is she is misinformed. While Aisha may house all the qualities that constitute for a Chick Flick, it is hardly the first that Bollywood has jutted out. For starters it is important to define a “Chick Flick”. The phrase actually has an interesting history which only came about in the nineties prior to which such films were actually regarded as “sexually exploitive.” The phrase is more western than Indian but it is pretty much applicable to world cinema simply because Chick Flicks are made, watched and loved (depending on your gender) globally. So back to the definition. According to, a Chick Flick is defined as, “A film that indulges in the hopes and dreams of women and/or girls. A film that has a happy, fuzzy, ridiculously unrealistic ending.” And since, citing from Urban Dictionary, not exactly the most credible source in the world, may not legitimately define the term, here is the definition from Webster’s Dictionary: “A romantic film that is not very serious and is intended to appeal to women.” You get the gist. Does this mean that Sonam Kapoor is calling her film unserious and only meant for women? Probably not but then that doesn’t make Aisha a Chick Flick by any means. However, the idea is simple; it is meant for young girls and women everywhere.

That said, don’t these definitions clearly describe many Hindi movies – a large chunk of them anyway. Most Hindi movies clearly have “unrealistic” conclusions and sometimes completely unjustified scripts. But that doesn’t stop viewers from flocking to the cinemas ready to indulge in those films. And as for the indulgence of “hopes and dreams”? Well, most of the actresses pretty much live lives that are far from real and the situations that they find themselves in with regards to love and aspirations are incredibly naive. Who would have thought, Simran of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge would have found the love of her life on a trip around Europe? In all probability, this would not happen to anyone outside of Hindi cinema. In the same token, Sonam Kapoor’s last film, I Hate Luv Storys, depicted a girl who believed in fairytales, had the ideal job and boyfriend. Once again, in the real world not happening. And lastly, romance is prevalent in all Hindi films: serious parallel cinema, action flicks, political dramas and so on all contain illogical romance.

In totality, it is unfair for Sonam to go around claiming that Aisha is India’s first Chick Flick when most Hindi movies contain entities that could easily make them Chick Flicks too. Mind you, director Rajshri Ojha has been counter arguing that statement. And if you really want to watch an out-and-out Desi Chick Flick, we suggest you take a look at Rules, Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula. If any film is allowed to be called the ideal Desi Chick Flick, it is this Milind Suman film. As for Aisha, it may star the ultimate and most sought after chick in Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor, but it doesn’t exactly make Aisha Bollywood’s first. Misinformed, yes but that said, the film is not to be missed because along with Sonam Kapoor, it does also have the chick’s favorite boy, Abhay Deol. Do you need more reasons to catch Aisha!

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