Bollywood directors support short films

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Short filmmaking has been a popular style of cinema for many years. It is an art form in its own right. All major countries across the world support the development of short films through a plethora of competitions and festivals. Many of these short films go on to be made into mainstream films, or their filmmakers move into directing feature length films themselves.

The concept is simple: time-limited films, simple concepts, limited budgets and small crews. The result despite all these constraints can be some amazing films, that even the greatest of filmmakers can be in awe of. India too has a growing movement of short filmmaking, with the international ’48 Hour Film Competition’ now also taking place in Delhi and Mumbai. Increasingly big name filmmakers are supporting short films, with an aim of nurturing talent and giving short films a greater audience.

Large Short Films is a brand new initiative sponsored by Royal Stag Mega Movies and supported by notable filmmakers Anurag Kashyup, Sudhir Mishra and Chakri Toleti. The aim is to put short filmmakers on the same platform as big feature length filmmakers, to give them the recognition and exposure that they deserve. In this growing digital age where information consumption needs to be short and tailored, short films are a creative step forward, with their ability to go viral and international much quicker than conventional films.

Here’s what Anurag had to say: “Short films are more interesting than a feature film according to me because, now- a- days it gets connected to you very easily. You can even watch them on your phone, youtube, laptop in your daily chores.”

Sudhir Mishra added: “To make a short film is far more difficult than to make a feature film. Because it’s a really difficult task to incorporate all the aspects in that span of a time.”

Whilst Chakri Toleti also shared: “Things are changing. I am getting to watch more good short films on the internet, youtube etc. The Pixar is coming up with great short films.”

The first major project to look out for from Large Short Films is ‘12.12.12’. It will be India’s first and largest Collaborative Feature Film, featuring 12 directors competitively selected from 12 different cities from across India, who will be tasked to make a 10 minute short film each, delivering 12 short films in total. The films will then be joined to make one 120 minute feature film which will be released on 12.12.12. An amazingly ambitious and innovative adventure, which will certainly be a unique visual experience for viewers.

To catch more information or to even be a part of this amazing new initiative, check out for more information.

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