Bollywood Hook-ups, Break-ups and No-ups of 2007!

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2007 has been quite an interesting year for couples in Bollywood. We’ve had the forming of new couples, the tearing of old ones, and still waiting for confirmation on the rumored ones. No matter what, we can always be entertained with Bollywood couples gossip. We, here at BollySpice, decided to give you a run down of all the couples this year that hooked up, broke up, and the ones that no upped with unconfirmed rumors surrounding them. Without further ado, here are the couples of 2007.

Saifina – The rumors started when Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan were seen being chummy with each other on the sets of Tashan, whether this was an indication to the future we don’t know, but the on-screen couple went on to become an off-screen couple as well. The only fishy thing in this unexpected, yet striking couple? Kareena Kapoor, the usually vivacious and outspoken actress, maintains her silence on the relationship.

Status: Hooked-Up!

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