Bollywood influences new-age businesses – Bollywood Bingo!

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Today, we go away from movies into the world out there that is being influenced by Bollywood. Here, we look at an online business that is solely based on the Bollywood theme to attract fans. Meet Barry McGovern, the Managing Director of

Tell us about Bollywood Bingo.

The site is the first really Asian gambling site that focusses on Bingo but has the full range of gaming solutions all housed within an environment that really is Asian.

Why did you decide to use the Bollywood theme for your game?

We decided to create the Bollywood theme because research showed that there was a gap in the market and that Asians would prefer an environment in which they could meet other Asians. The Bollywood theme has resonance in India and across Asia, Egypt, the Middle East and Russia in fact it is synonymous with fun and entertainment like!

Not only do you get to play the game but there is also some other special Bollywood content like videos and music. Tell us about that.

We will feature the latest movies, stars and music – refreshed as often as possible so that every visit is fresh.

What do you see as the biggest draw for Bollywood Bingo?

People winning and people enjoying the Bollywood Bingo experience.

How popular do you see Bollywood is in the UK and world over?

Bollywood is extremely popular across the globe and that is of great help to our development.

What market do you expect to reach with

The market is the UK Asian one, which includes the widest interpretation-Indian, Phillipino, Malay, Chinese etc. All love who Bollywood.

Are you approaching anyone for celebrity endorsement? If so, who?

Yes, we are approaching a number of people to consider celebrity endorsement and we will be able to comment more soon.

Do you see this expanding in perhaps themed games as a way to promote films?

Yes, I can see themed games for films or licensed product being successful – Marvel Comics have done the same for Casinos.

Give us 5 reasons why Bollywood fans should come play Bollywood Bingo!

The 5 reasons are it is fun, you play with friends, you have an excellent chance of winning and the relationship is designed to entertain you. Plus we expect to be

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