Bollywood injured!

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It seems Bollywood has become a dangerous place. Well, on set that is because recently several Bollywood stars have injured themselves while shooting stunts for their upcoming movies.

Most recently Amitabh Bachchan suffered from a minor injury whilst shooting for the film Department. The actor took to twitter to share the news with fans tweeting, “A minor incident on set during semi action sequence.. got hit on chest rib cage, some damage inside, pain on breathing, bearable!”

The star went on to assure fans it is nothing serious tweeting, “Okaay I seem to have let loose a cannon!! It will heal.. do not worry .. all shall be well ..”

Seems it is a little worse than he thought, “since the chest rib pain persisted the Doc insisted I have a CT Scan done ..did it and ..yes its a hairline fracture in the rib. For fractures in the rib nothing can be done as treatment .. suffer the pain for another 3-4 weeks .. it heals on its own ..damn !!” Ever the optimist he then wrote, “But the brighter side is that shot for ‘Department’ and it was a song and dance sequence ..went off quite smoothly without incident!”

Rana Daggubati injured his knee whilst shooting a stunt for the film Department. After a weeks rest the star is back on sets and has restarted shooting for his second Bollywood movie. Rana took to twitter to confirm the news to fans tweeting, “For all who ask, my knees are much better, actually started shooting for some semi-action portions in the film today.”

Abhishek Bachchan also met with an incident whilst filming a sequence for his upcoming film Bol Bachchan. Abhishek shared the news about his incident with fans tweeting, “Had a fall whilst filming a small action sequence in Jaipur. Have come back to Mumbai now and will resume work at the earliest.”

The actor recently shared the news of his recovery with fans tweeting, “The cut heals and the stitches have been removed. All due to the wishes and prayers of all of you. THANK YOU!”

Vivek Oberoi also took to twitter to assure fans that his injury on sets was nothing to worry about. The star, who recently injured his back whilst shooting for the movie Zilla Ghaziabad, tweeted, “Thank u adorable tweeple for all the love & duas! It was only a lil accident, nothing to worry abt. A day’s rest and I’m back shooting! :)”

Shreyas Talpade was another actor to injure his back whilst shooting for the film Joker. The actor however didn’t let his injury stop him from working as he told the media that he ‘returned to shoot’ the very next day.

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