Bollywood Intoxicated!

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One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor! Hindi movies are known for their song and dance sequences for all occasions and events: weddings, festivals, love, separation, rain, sunshine and even songs about having fun with alcohol. And it’s not a new modern phenomenon. Alcoholic songs were popular even back in the day and some of Bollywood’s veteran actors have indulged in some tipsy music and dancing. BollySpice gives you some of Bollywood’s best daru numbers that have made you dance until you dropped!

Thodi Si Jo Peeli Hai

Basically, Bachchan senior has been a part of so many drunken numbers; his characters should really be at the next AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings. Okay, so he wasn’t really drunk in this particular song and is actually pretending to be drunk. The song is sung by the maestro himself, Kishore Kumar, and is performed perfectly by Mr. Bachchan with the hiccupping, fumbling and stumbling. This song was popular during the early eighties when Namak Halal released causing all the local sharabi’s to make it their anthem.

Log Kehte Hai

From pretending to be an alcoholic to actually being one, Bachchan senior performs to one of his most popular numbers in Sharabi. The song also features Jaya Prada dancing in the background while Amitabh admits to his alcohol problem (hello—1-800-CALL-AA). Once again, Kishore Kumar croons to this number while Aby Baby prances around, bottle in hand. And once again, another AB alcohol song causes a bunch of drinkers to sit at the bar, get smashed and enact this drunky number.

Chalak Chalak

From one king to another, SRK too has taken to the bottle as he plays the perpetually drunk hero in Devdas. If that wasn’t enough, Jackie Shroff, who plays King Khan’s sidekick in the film also becomes a part of this drinking party and the duo produce one of Bollywood’s most humorous and drunken attempts at alcohol binging. If you remember the story, Devdas is unable to bear with the pain of being separated with his childhood love Paro (Aishwarya Rai) and makes alcohol his companion instead. Quite an interesting choice—we wonder if the alcohol was as beautiful and intoxicating as the former ex-Miss World. Anyway, this sharabi song was one of SRK’s most popular and he is often seen performing it at various stage shows impressing the crowds as he breaks bottles on his head. Sheesh(a)!

Zara Sa Jhoom

Most girls wouldn’t mind drinking a few pegs of whiskey if they were given the chance to be romanced by SRK in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Simran (Kajol) was no different. A quick reminder of the situation: Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) and Simran are stuck in beautiful cold Europe in a barnyard; they need to stay warm and Simran decides to take a shot, or two of whiskey which causes her to erupt into a drunken number in the form of ‘Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Mein’. The song, like the rest of the album was an instant hit. The song is sung by the talented Asha Bhosle who made Kajol sound as drunk as she could possibly be. Young girls who thought drinking was chee-chee were then intrigued when the obedient Simran misbehaved and definitely had a whale of a time!

Aye Ganpat

My question: Where the heck is Ganpat and why hasn’t he bought out the daru yet? While I may never get the answer to that question, this song has and is still a favorite with the youngsters. Vivek Oberoi in his best avatar, a ghunda, and Mika singing one of his best songs till date, this one was born to be a sure fire hit with the younger generation. Shootout at Lokhandwala was about underworld dons and the song is one in which a particular group of goons, proud of their achievements, party the night away with girls, alcohol and music. The song proved to be quite lucky for Oberoi too as he finally bagged a much-deserved award for his performance in the film.

Talli Ho Gayi

You know times are changing when you finally see a girl in a Hindi movie howling about her drinking antics or capacity. Mallika Sherawat is her crazy self as she gets drunk in Ugly Aur Pagli. The lyrics were spot on and fit the scenario perfectly. Sherawat never fails to create hype and once again watching her down shot after shot, dancing on the tables and driving Ranvir Shorey nuts makes us love her for her madness. With a variety of singers such as Anmol Malik (Anu Malik’s daughter), Mika and Hard Kaur all working together to come up with one of 2008’s best track, it’s no wonder all the girls’ nights definitely include this track with lots of alcohol!

So there you have it people, all the best songs which make you want to head to nearest bar and get talli. Whatever Bollywood does, they do it in style. It doesn’t matter if it’s getting drunk and singing songs about the joys of being under the influence, they manage to do it with such pomp and style, it makes you want to get down and dirty! So the next time you’ve had a drink (or a few) and confused on which song to hum, just refer to our list. We’re sure you’ll find a song that is most fitting!

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