“Bollywood is actually bigger than Hollywood. Hollywood should be called ‘Hombay’” – Salman Rushdie to Jon Stewart

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As we told you on Monday, Salman Rushdie visited The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart to talk about the film Midnight’s Children, based on Mr. Rushdie’s 1981 best selling book. Rushdie won the Booker Prize for his novel which is now the first of his many books to be adapted into a motion picture. Stewart and Rushdie discussed the new film and other political topics in this very special interview.

In case you missed the show we have the video! Check it out!

Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Deepa Mehta, MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN begins its US release this Friday April 26 in New York City opening exclusively at the Angelika and Beekman theaters. The film then releases on May 3 in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. followed by many additional cities on May 10.

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