Bollywood Outfits We Have to Have!

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The BollySpice team is made up of the most enterprising of women who not only handle day jobs but manage to ogle at hot Bollywood actors and stay fashion savvy when it comes to Bollywood clothing. While most of the renowned Indian designers have gone international to become globally recognized, we choose to look beyond the popular ones and admire Indian fashion in films in its entirety. Whether it’s fashionable Kareena Kapoor, the avant-garde Bipasha Basu or even the traditional Vidya Balan, we cover them all as we choose our favorite outfits that the women of Bollywood have adorned in recent times. Move over fashion critics, the ladies of BollySpice are ready to show off their favorites amongst the many that have been worn by some of the most fashion conscious Bollywood women. So who will reign supreme? Read on to check out our choices and favorites. Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seat, the show is about to begin!

The Red Lehenga
I am sitting here at home in front of my computer screen and pondering the number of occasions I have sat through a Hindi film without saying ‘oooooooooooooooh I want, I want, I really really want’… If I am to be honest it isn’t very many. So when tasked with the challenge of selecting just two outfits out of the possible thousands for my imaginary wardrobe, the choice was difficult – but with it being wedding season and with plans of my own marriage looming – a natural first choice was the lehenga!

If money was no object and I could arrange to have a wedding set similar to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s sets for his film Devdas my wedding outfit would be Madhuri Dixit’s Red Lehenga from the song ‘Kahe Chhed Mohe’ which she wore when she performed a mujhra as Chandramukhi. Agreed that the outfit was originally worn by a courtesan in a dance sequence, but there is something about the outfit that screams ‘wedding outfit’ to me. The color of the outfit may have something to do with this, it being red, the traditional bridal color; but it is the shade of the red that makes it all the more perfect for me. If it had been on the brighter/louder side I would possibly have looked like the stop light at a traffic signal. The red here is more red wine instead of the traffic light red and the gold embroidery offset by the touches of blue as a subtle detailing just makes the color combination perfect. Would I make any changes? Possibly. As a possible bridal outfit, consideration has to be made to the fact that it would be worn all day; I would therefore take some of the embroidery away from the skirt – making it a bit lighter in terms of weight. But apart from that – I think I would keep it exactly the way it is, including the full skirt just so I can stand in the middle of the dance floor during the wedding reception and turn around and create a perfect circle just the once. My husband might wonder what I was doing but it would be so much fun…

Sexy Black Sari
The second outfit I would definitely want in my wardrobe is the black sari worn by Katrina Kaif in the song ‘Teri Ore’ from last year’s blockbuster Singh is Kinng. I have always thought that there is something incredibly sexy about a sari, but the one that Katrina wears in this particular song is stunning purely in its simplicity. A stark contrast from the glamour of my first choice but an outfit that is so elegant that I could not miss it out from the inclusion of my perfect outfits. Why do I love it so much? I guess it is because it is so wearable. I can actually see myself owning something like this sari and then wearing it. I could dress it up and then wear it to a wedding reception or keep it simple and wear it to a dinner with my other half on a night out. Unlike so many of the other outfits that are shown in the films that you would love to own but can’t see them actually being worn anywhere in reality, this one is just so perfect in its reality. Plus I think a sexy black sari is kind of like the Indian version of the Little Black Dress. A simple and timeless outfit!

– Rima Bhatia

Super-Short Wedding Dress
Although my fashion tastes are more Rock On!! than Fashion, there is one actress whose outfits I always envy – Bipasha Basu. Her sense of on-screen style is both sexy and practical. Unlike some of the outfits I’ve seen starlets painted into, Bips always looks like she could – in a pinch – boogie comfortably on the dance floor or return volleys of gunshots in a firefight, whatever the role required. One outfit in particular that got me green with envy is her super-short wedding dress in Race! Hitting a few inches above the knee, this mini-dress looks like a delicious spun-sugar confection, with choppy layers of lace tied off at the top with a red bow under a fitted bodice. Matching red shoes seal the deal for a bit of Gothic Lolita meets Bollywood!

The Bollywood Punk
Another outfit of Basu’s that had me racing to the Internet to see if I could find the pieces, was from Aa Dekhen Zara. I really envied her punk tomboy styling throughout the film, with that snowflake tattoo at the hollow of her throat only making my heart thump a little harder. Some of her outfits in the film show more stomach than I would want to reveal on myself, but not on the one I’m picking – on the run from some seriously tough bad guys, Bipasha’s DJ character throws on the perfect punky ensemble of dark gray cargo pants and a sleeveless black and neon pink shirt. What makes me love it are the effortless accessories – shades, a trendy scarf, and a Britney Spears-style driving cap to top off the outfit. It’s something I would wear out to a rock club or even just to the grocery store!

Score another fashion victory for Bipasha – the woman does glam and punk equally well!

– Kara Baer

Backless Blouse & Afghani Pants
While Sushmita Sen can add chaar chand (four moons) to any outfit, in my opinion this former Ms Universe looked particularly out of this world (literally) in two outfits she adorned in the song ‘Mehboob Mere in Khalid Mohammad’s Fiza.

Both outfits, equally brilliant, were designed by well-known Bollywood designer Rocky S. Firstly, the Salmon/Orange with Gold sequins 2 piece set, comprising of Afgani pants and a long billowy sleeved, back-less blouse. It was a perfect outfit for the various dance moves she performed (courtesy of the talented Ganesh Hegde) as they complimented her superior figure, showcased the outfit’s wonderful design and of course gave audiences endless enjoyment. The outfit is only as good as its accessories and Ms Sen had some choice bling on her side, namely, the matching choker, the tiny beaded head-piece followed by the beautiful bracelets that winded through back of her hand via rings.

Sparkly White
My second choice would be the sparkly white outfit which dominated most of the song. A long, straight, shiny white skirt with long side slits (to facilitate optimal dancing) ending with saree-like pleats at the front. This was complimented by a capped-sleeve choli (blouse) which was equally exquisite. Once again the accessories chosen for this were simply divine. The long array of silver bejewelled arm-bands, the elegant necklace that covered her neck and chest and the incredible headpiece, made the outfit take a life of its own. This particular outfit was firstly worn without the various accessories, where it looks stunning on Sen who had her hair down. In the second instance, her hair is in a tight bun, her head encapsulated in the divine head piece, assisted by the matching necklace, which totally transformed the same simple outfit, into something worthy of the nymphs of Indralokh.

– Sheetal Tiwari

Elegant Sari
Rarely am I impressed with the designs of saris that our leading ladies sport in their latest flicks nowadays. As clich

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