Bollywood outraged over Delhi gang-rape case

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The appalling case of a 23-year-old medical student gang-raped on a moving bus in Delhi has made headlines across the country. The brutal rape and torture occurred on Sunday night when the woman along with her male friend boarded a private bus after watching a movie. The woman was beaten up, stripped and raped by at least seven men who were inside the bus. The rape has sparked an outrage among social activists, politicians and students. Bollywood actors also expressed anger and concern over the safety of women in India. Prominent celebs from Bollywood have taken to twitter to vent their feelings of disgust and fury. Amitabh Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar, Shabana Azmi, and Karan Johar were among the many who expressed their concern. Here’s a look at what Bollywood celebrities are tweeting and writing about it.

Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan
T 965 – Wanted to say so much of the day .. but so disturbed by the gang rape case in Delhi .. atrocious and unforgivable !! When you speak on an issue they say, you only speak do not do anything .. when you do not speak on issue they say you never speak ! The fear of system, of order, of conduct guided by justice, is fast disappearing. Is this the freedom that our elders fought for !! -Injustice of rape shall invite many discussions. Advocate harshness of punishment, human rights move in. Follow law loopholes. Durga, Kali, Lakshmi are goddesses .. we pay homage to them, respect them. Women need to be respected, and given pride of place !! On this public platform I dare not even attempt to mention the details of the rape case .. even an animal would not behave so .. !! Enough said ! Enough ! I cannot express anymore !!

FB 60 – The gang rape in Delhi and its details are simply unmentionable .. punish the culprits, with the most severe punishment ever .. But also let us introspect ! What is going wrong with our society, our people. Naari ke roop mein hum pooja karte hain – Durga, Kali, Lakshmi ki .. jo shraddha hum yahan pradaan karte hain, apne desh ki mahilaon pe kyun nahin karte .. !!!
Somewhere the fear of justice, of the system, of our morals and our upbringing has given rise to a freedom that perpetrates such crimes !! An intolerance has set in ! And unless we move fast and sure footedly to rectify this, there can be no correction. Let every Indian become a vigilante, a soldier, a commander that shall fight such heinous crimes with strength and conviction !!

Farhan Akhtar ‏@FarOutAkhtar
Yes we can stoop lower as a people. The Delhi bus gang rape is proof of that. Is justice asleep? I believe swift and severe punishment is the only deterrent. These deviants are not afraid of consequence as it comes too little too late. Everything has a tipping point and r nation just crossed it with the Delhi gangrape case. we demand a new, faster system of justice 4 Rape. The guilty should be treated as terrorists. Just because they target one woman and not a nation, doesn’t mean that’s not their crime.

Karan Johar ‏@kjohar25
Disgusted and apalled at the tragic rape incident in Delhi…severe and immediate punishment has to be served!!! It’s shameful…

Shabana Azmi ‏@AzmiShabana
Rape under reported bcoz victim is blamed dat she invited it.Ven woman says she is raped onus must rest on accused to prove otherwise.

Shah Rukh Khan ‏@iamsrk
We cannot blame a ghastly act as the collective deterioration of the world we live in. It is not an external condition. İTS US! ,İTS US becos we make that collective & if we dont punish the rapists then rightfully we will be punished..soon….very soon…when this inhuman crime hits our homes and families….very soon…when this inhuman crime reaches our homes and families…

Deepika Padukone too echoed the sentiments of the Bollywood industry as she retweeted Farhan Akhtar and Sarita Tanwar.

Anupam Kher ‏@AnupamPkher
HANG Delhi Bus Rapists Publicly.
People who r trying to b logical or asking me to b sane in my reaction to Delhi Bus Rapists obviously NEVER had a Mother, Sister or a Wife.

Shekhar Kapur ‏@shekharkapur
This is not d Delhi I grew up in .. as politics degenerate, so do the streets. One reflective of d other. All sense of decency gone

Riteish Deshmukh ‏@Riteishd
Its a right of every woman to feel safe at anytime n anywhere in this country. No one can dictate that

Ayesha Takia Azmi ‏@Ayeshatakia
Traumatic, watching news of traumatic news of brutal gang rape in delhi!!! This is truly becoming an epidemic in this country, SHAMEFUL!
Amazing men and women out on the streets in delhi protesting against all this n asking for justice.. Thankful for such people!

Preity zinta ‏@realpreityzinta
Its disgusting how unsafe Delhi is becoming 4women! Either there should be capital punishment 4 rapists or they should be castrated #Justice
The only way 2 put fear in the heads of Rapists specially Gang Rapists is the #Deathpenalty ! Harsh measures 4 such inhuman crimes.
Right now I’m really disturbed with the #delhirapecase. We all need to stand up 4 each other but intelligently not emotionally.

Alia Bhatt ‏@aliaa08
Horrified with the Delhi bus rape case !! Cannot believe this took place on a moving bus amidst the staff !!

Ronit Roy ‏@RonitBoseRoy
People making jokes about delhi rape! Pathetic! I ask them would you do the same if she was there mother, daughter or sister!!!

Daler Mehndi ‏@dalermehndi
T1: Saddened by the vasant vihar Gang rape news..Delhi gals need more secure environment, more security..Bahot sakht kanun banaya jaye..

Sarita Tanwar ‏@SaritaTanwar
The guys who raped the girl in the moving bus on Sunday should be castrated and then stoned to death in public. That would be justice.

Zoya Akhtar on Facebook
Capital punishment is not the answer –
1. It will push rapists to murder the victims so as to snuff out evidence
2. it rarely gets a conviction…judiciary extra careful to convict. they will be let off.
3. it can kill innocent men as well if misused
4. the answer is severe punishment – swift justice- consistent justice
5. more courts
6. cops to sensitised – do not make the victim feel it’s her fault- IT IS NOT!
7. Indian attitude – women are not property you can sit on or goddesses you raise- WE ARE EQUALS- get used to it-
8. Start at home with parents treating sons and daughters the same/ schools encouraging joint activity/ workplace dealing with gender harassment/ police and state knowing that no woman invites molestation and rape
9. REMEMBER- The state works for us – we pay their salaries – we are the bosses and we want them to start protecting us.

Bollywood’s Dabangg Salman Khan feels that there has to be zero tolerance for such heinous crimes, “In my view, there should be a death sentence for all rapists. Such things have no role in our life. I feel disgusted after hearing such things. For me, this is a third grade crime. I also believe that there should be a norm that if a rapist goes to jail, he should be beaten till death. I think Indian society needs to be ‘dabang’ (bold) in their approach. I recently read a news where a girl was being molested and people standing nearby were making videos on their phones. This is not the real India and I don’t think if such incidents can ever happen in front of my eyes.”

Farhan Akhtar expressed his feelings through a poem he wrote:
What is this country that I live in?
With no equality
And the quality of life
Differs from husband to wife
Boy to girl, brother to sister
Hey Mister, are you the same?
Contributing to the national shame
Replacing your mothers
With the bent ideology of another’s
perception that women have a particular role in society
Fills my heart with anxiety
Where is all of this going?
What will emerge from these seeds that we’re sowing?
It makes my head spin
But I’m not giving in
Will keep asking the question
What is this country that I live in?
What is this country that I live in?
That takes away her right to love
Brutalises her with an iron glove
Rapes her without fear
of there being justice for her tear
We’ve demeaned our goddesses
Gone back on all our promises
Become a gender distorted nation
Given our conscience a permanent vacation
what do I tell my daughter?
That she’s growing up to be lamb for the slaughter
we’ve got to make a change
Reboot, reformat, rearrange,
and never give in
no matter how much our head may spin
Just keep asking the question
What is this country that I live in?

Here to help. Love. Farhan.

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