Bollywood publicist does a ‘sting op’ … on ‘flies’

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Now, if one has handled the publicity for Bollywood biggies like Hrithik Roshan, Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi, films like Don and Rock On and carried out regular PR manoeuvres with national media, one wouldn’t be bothered much about the smallest things in life. But when it is celebrity publicist Dale Bhagwagar that we are talking about, a certain level of creative freedom (or should we say, eccentricity) is expected.

Somehow, the guy always manages to catch the attention of the fourth estate. Last month, he’d publicised the now-popular Neetu Chandra male-fantasy photo-shoot, which got the actress even more popularity, than the pre-release hype of her movies.

But this time, the PR guru has managed the unimaginable. He’s done a bizarre ‘sting operation’. No, his subjects are not the typical Bollywood celebrities! Get ready for a shocker – they are ‘flies’ – a fraternity known to sting!! Yes! You heard it right.

The publicist has mischievously put up a series of seven pictures on his Facebook account, where he has managed to quietly click two flies “making out in the cool ‘n fresh Madh Island breeze, perched comfortably” on his window grill. In the photo captions, Dale ‘explains’ how he caught the “cute” and “cho-chweet” flies ‘in the act’ with his hi-tech camera, equipped with an 18x zoom.

Huh! Only Dale could do a wacky thing like that; though we admire his sense of observation and detail (wink). But more than anything, we wonder what his high-profile actor clients would be thinking at the moment – probably, that they are lucky to have the most creative spin doctor in town, working for them.

To check out the protagonists of the publicist’s ‘sting’, click the FB link below:
Dale’s Facebook photos

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