Bollywood Razzies Awards 2008

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Worst Lyrics
‘Tandoori Night’ – Karzzzz

It really is a sad day in Indian cinema when lyricists write words to songs that include the words “Tak-tananana Tandoori nights.” First of all, it makes no sense to sing about Tandoori Nights and secondly, the song continues on to compare love with Tandoori Nights. If that wasn’t bad enough, the song goes on to talk about being “tanha” (alone) on a Tandoori Night…erm. Before we end, one question: with all the Tandoori in the world in one song, how can anyone be lonely? Anyway, this lame song grabs the award for Worst Lyrics in 2008. We also have to award an honorable mention to all the stupid English lyrics that have been popping up and ruining perfectly good songs!

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