Bollywood Razzies Awards 2008

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Worst Film

When translated, tashan means “style.” Unfortunately, the flick proved to be anything but stylish and sunk quickly at the box office. Kareena Kapoor’s bikini couldn’t help the film nor could Akshay Kumar’s Midas touch. In fact, Bebo was called anorexic, Saif deemed “uncool” and Anil Kapoor’s accent went unappreciated. There was also nothing impressive about the screenplay which made the audiences scratch their heads and try to figure out what exactly the movie was about. Most of the time, Yashraj song picturization helps to pick up some dinero at the box office, however, even the foreign locales couldn’t help this un-stylish flick beat the attitude. With much tashan, we do give this year’s Razzie award for the Worst Movie of the year to Tashan.

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