Bollywood stars raise awareness on Human Trafficking

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John Abraham, Amisha Patel, Kirron Kher, and Preity Zinta are working to raise awareness about the growing problem of Human Trafficking. It is one of the worst forms of human rights violations and cross border trafficking is on the upswing in Southeast Asia.

Kirron Kher explained, “Trafficking means making a commodity of a human being, and it’s only going to get worse.” Many innocent children are forced from their homes, and women are also lured with the promise of marriage into appalling situations. They are made to work jobs that are too horrible to even contemplate.

“I am appalled to read the statistics and what all goes in human trafficking. Earlier, I had only superficial knowledge about the issue. It is disturbing to know that young girls are running away from their homes and ending up in brothels. Organs of men, women and children are being sold. A five-year-old girl is sold as a prostitute and young boys are ending up as camel jockeys in Arab countries,” said Amisha Patel.

John Abraham added: “Of the 150,000 cases of trafficking in South Asia, an overwhelming number is from our country. Rather than being told by outsiders what all we should do to combat the menace, we ourselves must do something to put an end to it.”

Education, awareness and vigilance are the keys to prevent trafficking according to Preity Zinta. “It is a daunting task to rescue these girls from living hell and restore human dignity. We must bring the perpetrators to justice. We must strengthen the hands of those fighting the global battle against human trafficking.”

These stars and many others fully support the work the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is doing to eradicate this despicable practice. They are raising their voices in protest to shine the light and bring awareness to the public about this issue.

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