Bollywood Taking Over Twitter: Cheap Publicity?

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When Twitter was first invaded by Bollywood celebs, they all collaboratively agreed that it was simply because they wanted to get in touch with their fans. The likes of Celina Jaitley, Priyanka Chopra, Mallaika Sherawat and a few others hopped on the Twitter bandwagon all claiming the same reason. Over time this trend caught on. We saw more and more Bollywood stars realizing that this was not only a great way to keep in touch with fans (yeah, right) but also a great way to promote themselves and upcoming releases. And just like they normally do, the glitterati all came in full force. Not only promoting and welcoming one another, but even endorsing each others upcoming films!

You know it’s all business when the likes of reclusive Shah Rukh Khan gets on board with the handle @iamsrk talking about Karan Johar insisted I join. Need we remind him that we all aware that My Name is Khan is on the brink of release and clearly this is yet another way to advertise his film. But it’s not fair to single out King Khan. More recently, we have Farhan Akhtar, whom I never actually thought would stoop to this level, and Deepika Padukone who collectively are out to gain some publicity for Kartik Calling Kartik. How do we know? Check out his handles: @DeepikaCalling and @KarthikCalling. Need we say more?

And that isn’t even the worst part! It’s bad enough that the stars are all clicky when they are out and about at celeb parties, but these stars won’t even spare Twitter when it comes to greeting (rather fakely) one another. The minute a new star decides to create a Twitter account, the entire Bollywood clan hops on the welcome bandwagon ready with rose petals and a red carpet. Do they tweet with one another? Yes. Do they tweet with their fans? Not really. You can almost be sure that the minute their film has released, you will not hear from them again. Cheap publicity? We think so. But such is Bollywood and there ain’t no two way about it.

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