Bollywood Theme Park in the making?

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In 2008 Mumbai will have a new way to experience the wonder of Bollywood. Percept Holdings, a media and entertainment company, is building a park that will give the fans the “the Bollywood Experience”.

The company is spending $100 million (4,110,000,000.00 INR) on the project. “Bollywood is what the Indian masses turn to for entertainment,” said Shailendra Singh, of Percept Holdings, “… but there is no organized format or means to consume this experience.”

The park will include a Bollywood Hall of Fame and a museum that will showcase famous film props, costumes and a history of the Hindi film industry. It will also have Bollywood themed cafes, rides, and gaming booths. There will be movie sets in the park with walk through and simulation experiences and you will even be able to experience Bollywood tours.

Overall its aim is to give a look behind the scenes of one of the worlds biggest film industries. Bollywood film stars enjoy a tremendous fan following in India and abroad and because of this people in the film industry think that the park will be a hit!

We certainly will be some of the fans first in line to get “the Bollywood Experience”!

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