Bollywood wastes Water

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Water is currently a huge issue in India and especially in the city of Mumbai. This year the monsoon season may have finally hit the country but did not shower sufficient rain for the country let alone a city that is normally flooded. However, Bollywood seems to be completely indifferent by the lack of water in the country which has received a 15 percent cut.

Karan Johar has used approximately 200 tankers of water to shoot a flood scene which has to represent the city of New York for My Name is Khan. For all those that don’t know, a single tanker holds 12,000 liters of water. You do the math! And he isn’t alone.

Mukesh Bhatt too has used 200 tankers of water for his upcoming Tum Mile; a film that focuses on 26/7 floods in the city. And Priyadarshan has broken their records to use 700 tankers of water to depict a tsunami for De Dhana Dhan.

And after all this wastage, the city may actually cut down on more water available to the citizens of Mumbai and in essence every family in the city may received 60 liters less than their average intake.

Kunal Deshmukh, the director Tum Mile insists that the team has been conservative with it water and has reused the water instead of asking for more. Karan Johar was unavailable to comment.

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