Bollywood’s Citizens

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The clock stuck midnight on the 31st of December 2008, and 2009 was born. As the New Year has dawned upon us, the B-wood stars have all taken a pledge to be correct and dutiful citizens as the recent attacks have made them realize the importance of their beautiful city. Salman Khan has pledged to be more aware of the recent incidents that have happened in his city as well as giving back the love he has received from his fans. New fashionista Kangna Ranaut has taken a similar oath and wants to be a more responsible citizen by making an effort to vote along with voicing her opinions. Newbie Harman Baweja will be joining Kangna and voting as well as helping India towards betterment. Amrita Rao will not be scared or allow anyone to scare her especially any outside forces that threaten her city’s peace. Irrfan Khan is going to quit smoking and adding to the pollution in Mumbai. Sexy Celina Jaitley is going to be more daring in 2009 and be a little crazy or rather crazier. Sonam Kapoor has decided to be a more conscientious citizen as well as Shilpa Shetty who is going to take time out of her busy schedule to vote for a better leader. Shahid Kapoor, who has admitted to never voting, is going do just the same to ensure he takes advantage of his innate right to vote.

Bollywood has awoken and decided that in the New Year they intend on being righteous citizens to ensure that their city and country rises above and beyond the chaos of 2009. Here’s hoping that they keep their word and becoming good citizens!

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