Bollywood’s future Married Couples

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Vikram Bhatt – Amisha Patel:
Amisha and Vikram have been dating for 5 years now. They first started dating when Vikram signed Amisha for Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage that flopped badly at the box office but did really well in the first week because it was over-hyped. Amisha and Vikram were denying that they had a relationship until several interviews when journalists were asking them about their relationship constantly. Last year, rumors were spreading all over that Amisha and Vikram are getting married by March 2006 and Ankahee, directed by Vikram, is her last film but she is looking forward to get back to movies after few more years. Both denied the rumors and Amisha said she is not keen to settle down with Vikram until 4-5 more years from now whilst Vikram said that Amisha is concentrating on her career now and that’s all in her mind, he claimed that he wants to get married to Amisha when she’s ready to commit!

John Abraham – Bipasha Basu:
John and Bipasha were dating since they both signed Jism while Bipasha declares that they had a relationship before Jism but they knew how to conceal what is between them. John was linked with many other of his female co-stars including Vidya Balan. John was also linked with Mallika Sherawat while they were doing a concert. Later on, rumors were scattering about John-Bipasha split behind what happened throughout the concert. Both John and Bipasha have no plans do get married; Bipasha claims that she will quit films when she does settle with John while he is planning to adopt a girl.

Shahid Kapoor – Kareena Kapoor:
One of the most-talked couple in Bollywod, it started when Shahid & Kareena where shooting for Fida. The same typical story, both were denying that they are seeing each other until they admitted it after several months. They have done several movies together that include Chup Chup Ke & 36 China Town while Milenge Milenge is still under producted because Salman Khan refuses to do a special appearance in the film after his conflict with Shahid. Both films did well at the box office. The over-hyped 36 China Town was sort of a disappointment for some people who had high expectations from it while Chup Chup Ke sprained a surprise! Some numerologists say that Kareena should marry in the age of 30, and should change the spelling of her name to Kareina to bring her career into a higher level because her current name brings up bad luck!

Ness Wadia – Preity Zinta:
Ness & Preity were seeing each other since 2005. In spite of all the rumors of their break-ups, they still have a strong relationship and are willing to settle down eventually. Preity was questioned if she has already got married with Ness clandestinely because of the lack of films she is doing and she replies that if that is true, she is going to sign more movies from now on and she did. Be it Jhoom Barabar Jhoom or The Last Lear, Preity has some interesting projects on her shoulders! The secret behind the lack of films she is doing is because the Tsunami accident with her friends. They were having a party near the beach while she thought of having a small nap in a hotel. Fortunately, she was late or else she would have been one of the Tsunami victims. What can we say, Lucky By Chance!

Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif:
Recently, Salman proposed to Katrina at Zee Cine Awards 2007. After their proposal, there were rumors claiming that Salman and Katrina are getting married within the next months. Salman is 42, while Katrina is 23 years old. They definitely remind us of Dilip Kumar & Saira Banu who have huge age difference. After Salman’s break-up with Aishwarya Rai (Bachchan), he has been facing many legal problems. Rumors claim that Salman still has feelings for Aishwarya. Katrina denies all these nasty rumors about Salman, “Just because Salman doesn’t defend himself, it doesn’t mean that all that is being said is true,” She claims. Many people were asking her about their wedding date but the usual answer goes on that she wants to focus on her career right now; she says that this question should be asked to Salman instead. We certainly hope all the best for Sallu & Kat!

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