Bollywood’s Most Wanted Bodies

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One defining factor of Bollywood is its inimitable style. We’ve got the looks and we’ve got the bodies that the world dies for. The question is, how do our stars get them? Read on to find out what you can do to give our stars a run for their money! From Hrithik, Akshay and John to Aishwarya, Esha and Sushmita–we’ve got the look you’re looking for.

First up is Hrithik Roshan. This 6-foot tall dude with a stunning body is a crazy workout freak. He pays most attention to his upper body area (abs, tricepts, etc). The result is the awesomely carved, washboard body look in Dhoom 2. What’s the secret to such gorgeous abs? Hrithik avoids fatty foods such as butter, ghee and oil. How do you stay away from these foods? The answer is eating grilled, roasted or boiled food instead. This way you can eat up to six times a day and never gain any weight. Your body type depends on your diet–and only you can control your diet. Hrithik trains up to four times a week, cardio three times a week and he exercises for about an hour a day. Cardio involves jogging or skipping for half an hour and if you do it daily, you can cut it down to 15 minutes a day. Hrithik also exercises when he has the free time to do so. “If sometimes I don’t get the time to workout for two or three days because of shooting or something then third day I come back home in the night and go to my friend Uday Chopra’s gym. I workout till two to three in the night and then I sleep and wake up for work again.” And the result to such exercise? Well, watch Dhoom 2 and you’ll get your answer!

Next, Akshay Kumar–one of the fittest guys in the industry. From his debut to his latest movie, he maintains his physique with such ease that makes others envious. But would you believe it if I say that he doesn’t believe in weight lifting or heavy weights? Believe it. He does work out though, just to improve his stamina. So, what does he do to get that body anyways? One word. Basketball. Yes, basketball! He plays basketball for about three times a week and he also walks for miles to a distant suburb. He also treads on mountains at least twice a week! He is a foodie and will anything but oily food. He prefers boiled food. He eats early in the morning so that it’ll disappear in the afternoon when you use energy. Akshay also does martial arts which is a form of exercise as well. He also believes in Ayurveda and has an Ayurveda master by his side wherever he goes.

John Abraham–the unforsaken attitude, the cutest hairstyle and the body to die for. Did you know, he used to play football and basketball during his school and college days? He is also very health concsious and is a vegetarian. He doesn’t take supplements to enhance his body either. John works out for about two or three hours a day, which mostly consists of weight lifting and kick-boxing. He also goes to the gym at times to do cardio sessions with his physical trainer. The reason why John is a vegetarian is because he is an animal lover. Cute, na?

Now to the lovely ladies! The ‘Mistress of Spices’ and our very own ‘Umrao Jaan’ of the silver screen…Aishwarya Rai! Though we mostly see her covered, I’m focusing on the “Su-Neh-Ri” body. Yes, it’s Dhoom 2 again ladies and gentlemen. Those abs and those curves! How does she do it? She says that you have to avoid oily food, eat regularly, have your breakfast at the perfect time and of course, exercise. However, Aishwarya admits that she is not a diet fanatic and loves her food. She doesn’t use any specific diet to attain such a body. She belives that you take in what your body wants and when you know it’s enough, you stop. She is also a sweets addict. Whenever the sweet tooth kicks in, she gives into it. Still, she never fails to impress us with her body!

Esha Deol, the tomboy turned vixen in Dhoom. No matter what, one cannot deny how impressive she looked in “Dhoom Machale”, rocking some seriously hot abs. They’re not the manly type that scare you, yet they look soft and scream “Don’t mess with me.” Esha goes to a gym regularly to get that kind of abdomen. SHe undergoes vigorous training and exercise and takes complete control of her mind to maintain that perfect figure, even after Dhoom. Other than exercise, Esha loves to dance. It contributes to exercise and also helps to relieve stress. She is a trained classical dancer and mostly practices with her mother and younger sister. Sometimes she includes a bit of modern, international and classical dance all in one. Truth is, if you dance and dance and dance, you will get a beautifully shaped body in no time.

Last but not least, Sushmita Sen. The radiant glow on her face never seems to fade even after all these years, along with her smashing body. “If your mind is under control and is tuned to positive thoughts, you are a winner in the beauty field.” True that! Sushmita avoids fried food especially fast food varieties which is quite rampant right now. She advises the younger generation by telling them to keep a balanced diet among the night-life and heavy partying so that they can keep themselves healthy. “Young people party relentlessly and their eating habits become erratic and damaging to their systems,” Sushmita says. Sushmita starts her day with cereal, milk and a few almonds and claims this is enough to keep her full of energy. Fruits and juices are also a part of her daily diet. And for that glowing skin? Papaya and orange juice are applied to her skin daily. She also indulges in yoga and meditation. Many people believe that if you have control over your mind, body and soul, you can control your life too. Yoga and meditation help to reduce stress from your hectic lives. If you want to stay cheerful like Sushmita, wear bright colours! Pastel colours like beige, green and pink help to reduce anger and sadness and replace it with eagerness and energy.

Now that you know the secrets of our Bollywood stars, why not have your own body to die for? Girls will ove you and guys will drool over you. Come on, get working…you can create your very own dhoom as well!

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