Box Office – ‘Holiday’ and ‘Filmistaan’ promise a very good weekend for Bollywood

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Summer season has officially begun and it is time for some really interesting films to start hitting the screens. Moreover, it has been a while since a biggie arrived in theaters and starting with ‘Holiday’, it is pretty much going to be a non-stop affair right till the end of year. Moreover, whenever a film like ‘Filmistaan’ gets ready for arrival, there are hopes re-instated that there is place for different kind of stories to be told, as long as the entertainment quotient is maintained.

This is the reason why there are good hopes from both ‘Holiday’ as well as ‘Filmistaan’. Let’s begin with ‘Holiday’ first. After ‘Jai Ho’, this is the biggest film to arrive in 2014 and hence expectations are of course monumental. The same story has been told in South earlier (Thuppakki) and the film was a bumper success there. With the star power of Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha coming together, one expects a good opening at the box office. While the film is seeing a wide release in multiplexes, it is going to find some very good attention in the single screens as well due to its theme and catchy title.

All of this means that an opening of around 60%-70% is pretty much on the cards with single screens performing even better. That would be good to ensure an opening weekend of around 40 crore.

Meanwhile ‘Filmistaan’ is a film that is expected to grow well based on word of mouth. The promo has projected this Sharib Hashmi film to be a promising entertainer and one can pretty much expect some good reviews coming its way. Though on the opening day it is going to be ‘Holiday’ wave all the way, ‘Filmistaan’ should start finding some good foot falls coming its way from Saturday onwards.

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