Boxing Mallika

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Director Jennifer Chambers Lynch made her first movie in 1993 – Boxing Helena – which has since become a cult classic. Some might argue that it took fifteen years for the storm surrounding the bizarre and taboo-breaking plot to die down, because it wasn’t until 2008 that Jennifer made her second movie, Surveillance, a supernatural film about a serial killer.

Now we have the surreal announcement that Jennifer will be making a movie with Mallika Sherawat called Nagin about the legend of the snake woman. The legend was also recently revisited in Shakur Kapoor’s Virgin comic Snake Woman, and it dates back at least as far as the Indian epic the Mahabharata. The Nagas (or Nagini – female) are the arch-enemies of the bird-men, the Garuda.

Mallika Sherawat, who won a nomination for Best Actress at the Zee Cine Awards for Murder and who recently appeared with Jackie Chan in The Myth and Kamal Hassan in Dasavatharam is a perfect choice for the role of a Nagin with her sensuous sinuous beauty that has often been shown to best effect in item numbers.

It is also being reported by Variety that Irrfan Khan will also be part of the project and filming starts next month.

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