Brahmāstra’s ‘Dance Ka Bhoot’ features over 1200 dancers in the epic dance sequence

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On September 9th, we will be able to see the first part of the epic trilogy of Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmāstra come to life on the big screen. Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Mouni Roy and Nagarjuna Akkineni, Brahmāstra: Part One is the story of SHIVA – a young man and our protagonist, who is on the brink of an epic love, with a girl named… Isha. But their world is turned upside down, because Shiva learns that he has a mysterious connection to the Brahmāstra… and a great power within him that he doesn’t understand just yet – the power of Fire. Experience Shiva’s adventures as he journeys into the world of Astras and in turn, discovers his destiny as the DIVINE HERO of the universe.

Slowly, they have been treating us to sneak peeks with the songs of the film. First, there was the gorgeous Kesariya, then we got the almost devotional notes of Deva Deva. Both songs are brilliant, both in words by Amitabh Bhattacharya, music by Pritam, vocals Aritjit Singh and incredible visuals. Now the third song has dropped and it again changes up the melody! Titled Dance Ka Bhoot, it is a song that’s guaranteed to have you “jhoom” wherever you are. The incredible scale of the song that included over 1200 dancers and the killer notes and dance by Ganesh Acharya will get you on your feet!

Check out DJ Shiva, a.k.a. Ranbir Kapoor from Brahmāstra in ‘Dance Ka Bhoot’ and get ready with your moves and celebrate with us!

Ranbir revealed, “I am extremely excited to present our latest track to the audience ‘Dance Ka Bhoot.’ This is my character Shiva’s introduction song in the film, and I can’t wait for my fans to groove to it. I am sure that the audiences will show the same love and response to Dance Ka Bhoot like they have given to Kesariya and Deva Deva.”

Sharing his experience about the audio-visual brilliance of the song, director Ayan Mukerji said, “It has been a tremendous experience working with Pritam Da, Arijit and Amitabh Bhattacharya. Despite a lot of challenges which we faced while filming for this song, we have managed to create a masterpiece for our audience. Both Kesariya and Deva Deva have received so much love from the audience and we are expecting to get the same reaction to this song as well.”

BRAHMĀSTRA – the Trilogy, is a 3-part film franchise and the beginning of India’s first original universe The Astraverse. The story is set in modern-day India, against the premise of a secret society called the Brahmānsh; who generation after generation have protected many divine ‘Astras’ (weapons) that were created in ancient India, and safe-guarded from the eyes of the world. The most powerful and the most deadly amongst these divine weapons; the Lord of all the Other Astras – named after the most powerful weapon of the Gods, the BRAHMĀSTRA, is now waking up. And it threatens to completely destroy the universe we know today.

Brahmāstra: Part One Shiva, releases in theatres on September 9th!

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