Break Ke Baad New York Press Conference

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Break Ke Baad is everywhere and as the cast and crew toured the west, they found themselves in the Big Apple this weekend. Minus Kunal Kohli, Imran Khan found himself bombarded with questions regarding the film. An honest Imran went on to openly admit he “wasn’t into the script” when he heard it for the first time. But after debutant director Danish Aslam made some fine tweaks to the script, he found himself saying yes. “Danish changed the script and after a “Break Ke Baad” he approached me again,” he joked regarding the film. The film has a youthful feel to it; almost reminiscent of I Hate Luv Storys. However, Imran feels otherwise. “My role is different to the one I played in I Hate Luv Storys. This character is more close to real life. He is more on the quieter side,” he explained. He went on to describe his character as a more “mature role of Jai in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.” With regards to the stereotype of Imran Khan being the current “chocolate boy”, he explained that rom-coms are generally what he is offered. “My next release is Delhi Belly. It’s a different movie in English film.” However, he did add that he would like to dabble in comedy in the future. He spoke about his experience with his negative role in Kidnap. “I worked really hard on Kidnap but the movie didn’t do well. I’m apprehensive to go back to doing negative roles. I really get into the role and become that sort of character in his everyday life when shooting a movie. But I didn’t enjoy being in that mid space.”

Talking about Deepika Padukone, the actor spoke about their first time pairing. “She is growing as an actress and person in each of her films. She watches her films, critiques herself, figures out what she has to improve and that’s the kind of person I like to work with. [I] didn’t know her too well until he started shooting for this movie,” he said. As for prep work with regards to his role in Break Ke Baad, he explained that because his character was so similar to himself, he didn’t need to do much except turn up and learn his lines. “I listened to a lot of beetles during the making of this film,” he joked.

Little do many know but this trip happened to mark Imran’s first time promoting a film in the U.S. “Bollywood is growing and we need to take a small step forward to promote films. [We want to] reach out to more markets and expand,” Imran explained. Associate Producer Vicky Bahri added, “We have respect for the US Audience and want to interact with viewers and increase the market.” He explained that there is a clear reason for the increase amounts of English used in Hindi films nowadays especially with a film like Break Ke Baad. “This movie is for a more urbanized audience. However people will understand it is a family film,” he enlightened. In addition, he explained the reason as to why many Bollywood films don’t make it to film festivals which would essentially give them more exposure. “We don’t do it because there is too much piracy going on if you screen a film in a film festival before the release, there will definitely be a pirated copy on DVD or torrents. We don’t do it to avoid piracy. It’s also difficult to categorize commercial from non-commercial films. But all in all we don’t want to do it to protect films. We’re not interested in critical association but want to make commercial films and make money,” he informed.

When quizzed on a possible career in Hollywood, he candidly and honestly explained why it wouldn’t work for him. “There isn’t scope for Indians to do well in Hollywood, no offence to anyone. I am a respected actor in India and making good money. I wouldn’t want to be a side hero in Hollywood.”

The music, which is seen as one of the most urban soundtracks of the year, he believes, is “exceptional”. “Vishal and Shekar have a good idea of what music works, it’s more progressive and urban. The English track in the album is my favorite. Vishal and Shekar are the best in the market,” he gushed. He also went on to reveal that he didn’t have to dance for the film with the exception of the promotional video. “I’m not good at dancing but it’s part of the culture and cinematic languages. I am getting more comfortable doing it and am more at ease with it. No singing and dancing in BKB except for the promotional video for the movie.”

Imran divulged that he is totally evaded by the “star” that he is irrespective of his popularity and learned this trait from his uncle Aamir Khan. “Aamir [Khan] never carries his fame home with him and therefore it never got to him that he came from a famous family. He didn’t know what being famous was like. It’s taken him 2 years to understand and accept the weight of being famous,” Imran told the press. As for working with his uncle, he said, “We are trying to find something good. Dobi Ghaat was a film that was never offered to me because there wasn’t a role for me. But Kiran [Rao] has something in the works for a film with him and Aamir. Working with them isn’t easy. I had to take screen tests with Jaane Tu even though it was a family production. I did five screen tests for Delhi Belly and was then accepted the 6th time.”

Talking more about the film, Imran revealed that there were no sets made for Break Ke Baad and it was all shot on location. And what is the message of the film? “No message, just entertainment!” he wrapped up.

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