Brooke Johnston in Bollywood

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Former Miss UK, Brooke Johnston has signed up for Puneet Issar’s Nishchay Kar Apni Jeet Karoon alongside Tulip Joshi and newcomer Gulzar Chahal. “I met Puneet through some friends in the US,” she explains, “He told me about the film and I liked its concept. I also liked the idea of coming to India. Bollywood tempted me to pick up this assignment. It looks like there is scope.”

Brooke is a vegetarian and a committed PETA activist. A graduate in Archaeology with a Masters in Journalism, she has been working as a journalist, following the US elections for most of last year. “The election campaigns were a lot of fun and I had the opportunity to talk to the main candidates, [Barack] Obama, Hillary [Clinton] and [John] McCain. Obama inspires everyone, though I would have liked to see Hillary in the Oval office,” she confides.

Brooke feels enthused by the movie and talks openly of her role. “I play a yoga teacher and human rights lawyer who helps Gulzar with all the legal hassles he is in, and then we fall in love,” she explains.

Tulip Joshi, who is half-Armenian is best known for her role in the futuristic Matrubhoomi and the Telegu film Villain.

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