Bye Bye Bebo, Hello Deepika!

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It seems like Bebo is getting into the habit of turning down roles only to later want them back. With Heroine the sentiment worked out quite perfectly with Ash out of the project and Kareena’s script demands being met. However, she wasn’t so lucky with the Dharma-Balaji project that she turned down.

One of the most anticipated films in the near future is the one that marks the collaboration of the two most successful production houses in recent times, Dharma Productions and Balaji, both with an immensely successful line up films to their credit and run by two very close friends, Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor. The friendship has now extended to a personal level in what KJo calls an “emotional and professional marriage”. Directed by newcomer Akshay Roy, the film is said to be an edgy, quirky and intense love story.

Both producers made it quite clear that this was a ‘big names’ project. Ekta was adamant to cast the edgiest of lead actors in the film and therefore the role went to Emraan Hashmi. The female lead was offered to Kareena Kapoor who turned it down out of apprehension of how she’d fair onscreen with Emraan Hashmi. Some say that the reason for saying no was also the fact that shooting may coincide with her wedding in October. And so out went the door an offer of what is said to be quite a female centric script. It landed in Deepika’s lap who grabbed the opportunity with both hands. The twist in the story comes when Kareena later regretted her decision and wanted to hop back on board. However, the ship had sailed and it was simply unethical for the production house to take the project away from Deepika.

Moral of the story, think before you speak Bebo! The Heroine scenario was a clear stroke of luck; otherwise we all know the film had even begun shooting with Madhur’s second choice Aishwarya Rai after Kareena had refused the offer. Sadly for her, no such luck with this project.

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