C Kkompany

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Even with an awkward title, C Kkompany has managed to generate a fair amount of interest. It’s made by debutant director Sachin Yardi, who attempts to make a new film based on the ‘gangster with a heart of gold’ character. After Munnabhai set the trend, several films have been attempting this, but most have failed to make a mark. With a mediocre cast and not so much hype, C Kkompany does just this.

Akshay Kumar (not ‘Kinng’ Akki, it’s the character’s name!) works as a crime reporter who falls in love with a don’s daughter (Raima Sen). Professionally and personally, his life in the dumps. This, my dear, is our quintessential ‘Loser Numero Uno’. Mr. Joshi (Anupam Kher) is a retired accountant who is at loggerheads with his ungrateful son. He wants to get his son to re-pay every penny that he spent on him. This is Loser Number Two! Loser Number Three is Lumbodar (Rajpal Yadav) who has to bear with his wife and son’s hatred for his job and tiny physique.

These three live in the C-Wing of a small apartment in a poor neighbourhood. Sharing their problems, they find support in each other. But what starts off as a small prank leads to the creation of a gang called ‘C Kkompany’. But unexpectedly, C Kkompany gets bigger and bigger until the three main characters become bewildered.

Tusshar Kapoor as an actor is at his best in C Kkompany. Although his screen presence, or lack of it, doesn’t quite work in his favour…he is learning! Anupam Kher is extremely funny and constantly cracks great jokes. As usual, his acting is good and he performs his role with ease. But the show stealer of the three losers is most definitely Rajpal Yadav. Effortlessly, he can convey comedy and sadness in the same breath. Raima Sen doesn’t have much of a role but she makes her presence felt. Her acting is good and she looks alright as well. Mithun-da as the don is pleasantly good.

But the story is the sore point of this film. I personally feel such a concept could have turned into a great film if the events and thrills were more convincing and less repetitive. Even the direction is really nothing special. As a debut director, Yardi fails to ensure a promising future for himself. Of course, he could surprise us, but as far as C Kkompany is concerned, he isn’t that great. Cinematography is completely average and the film is hardly a visual delight. Even if they were going for a realistic look, it could have been done tastefully.

Simply put, the music is bad! The songs appear in the film like a ‘jack-in-the-box’; they pop up out of nowhere! On top of being a pain to hear, they are picturized too explicitly and expensively. It seems like Yardi spent more money on the songs then the entire film! It’s really sad how filmmakers think near-naked actresses in special appearances (Cough cough…Celina Jaitley!) hold a mass appeal. Besides a few immature people, the audience is much smarter than that.

Despite it’s high points, C Kkompany is just a baseless comedy. The first hour is decent, holding your attention, but the second hour loses you completely. Way below expectations!

Our Rating

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